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Here is our first posting of photos from previous shows.
Check out the Blog “Photos From Past Shows”.

Fuchsia Gallery

Begonia Gallery

If you are looking for photos of named plants, there are SO MANY wonderful photo galleries available online!  Be sure to check our “Links” section for wonderful information on care and cultivation too!

Here are some links to photo galleries, just to make it a little easier for you.

FUCHSIA Photo Galleries

Northwest Fuchsia Society (index to photos)

American Fuchsia Society

British Fuchsia Society

Solent Fuchsia and Flower Club

Fuchsia Magic

Fuchsia Flower           collection of triphylla fuchsias

New Zealand Fuchsia Society

BEGONIA Photo Galleries

American Begonia Society  Begonia images:

iBegonia International Database

National Begonia Society (UK)

Aukland Begonia Circle

French Association of Amateur Begonia Growers

Flickr Begonia photos

Conservetoire du Begonia     Botanique (Species) Photos    Variétés cultivées (Cultivar) Photos

Missy Garden Whimsey’s personal collection of Angelwing begonias

The Begonia Web… scroll down the page to find a large assortment of “mostly working” links to photo galleries


Geranium Page (USA)

Geraniums Online (USA)

International Geraniaceae Group

The Pelargonium Page (some photos, divided into sections)