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Fuchsia Links

Northwest Fuchsia Society
“Our mission is: to inform and educate the public in fuchsia culture, to promote the growing and showing of fuchsias, and to provide the communication link to our member societies.”
This is a wonderful website with lots of good information. Of particular interest is the detailed list (with photos) of hybrids/cultivars that have been tested outdoors all year for three years on the West Coast of the Pacific Northwest (USDA Zones 7-9).
Their links page:

Geraniums, Pelargoniums and Fuchsia Society (Canada)
“Welcome to the wonderful world of Geraniums, Pelargoniums and Fuchsias. Our society was established to be educational, informative, a source of gardening knowledge, and most of all a place to exchange ideas on a friendly basis for both the novice and the ardent collector.”  (established 1985)

American Fuchsia Society
“The American Fuchsia Society (AFS) is an association of Branches and Clubs who love to share their passion for Fuchsias. The purpose of the American Fuchsia Society is to acquaint flower enthusiasts about the beauty of fuchsias and the techniques to grow healthy blooming plants.”
This is a very informative website with many useful topics such as taking cuttings, overwintering and so on.
Their photos of fuchsias
Their links page:

The City of Fuchsias (Formerly Fuchsias in the City.)

“Want to know everything there is to know about fuchsias? Then you’ve come to the right place! Welcome to Hortulus Fuchsiarum, the little urban fuchsia garden at Fuchsias in the City. This city refuge is cloistered within the high-rises of Manhattan and inhabited by fuchsias, hostas, ferns, astilbes and way too many other shade-loving plants.” This website is delightfully written as well as extremely informative! It is well worth a visit (or an hour!) of your time.
An interesting page is “Buying fuchsias around the world”. There is a small section for Canada which includes Amsterdam Nursery (Pitt Meadows), Art Knapps (Surrey), and Richbar (Quesnel).

The edible fuchsia… recipes!

Their links page:

Personal Websites:

The British Fuchsia Society
“It was during 1937 that the idea of a Fuchsia Society was born, when Clara Lady Boothby met several other Fuchsia enthusiasts. The first Annual of the Society was published in 1938.”
Their photo page:
Their links page:


The Solent Fuchsia Society (Hampshire, UK)
“We hope to encourage and develop your interest in growing fuchsias as pot plants, standards or hardies, and to introduce you to and become familiar with some of the thousands of different fuchsia cultivars. “
This website has some excellent information about the different types of fuchsias (standard, baskets, triphylla, species, hardy, encliandra, bonsai) as well as articles on growing fuchsias.
An interesting page is the history of the fuchsia, dating back to 1703.
Their links page:

Fuchsia Magic
“Fuchsia photos for Fuchsia Enthusiasts”
Here is a simple but lovely photo index, with nice large photos of 415 different varieties.

Fuchsia Flower
Gallery of Flowers (430 photos)
A section devoted to triphylla fuchsias:
Their links page:

The purpose of Euro-Fuchsia is for closer co-operation between European fuchsia societies and the promotion of fuchsia cultivation and education. Euro-Fuchsia is open for all societies, groups and individuals from Europe and elsewhere interested in fuchsias. It is the platform for information exchange and the co-ordination of fuchsia research and promotion.”

OH DEAR! Their links page now features ORCHIDS and NOT fuchsias!
PLEASE ADVISE if you find where/if this group is now posting!

Netherlands Fuchsia Society
Nederlandse Kring van Fuchsiavrienden
Their links page:

The Australian Fuchsia Society
Unfortunately this society was terminated in 2012.
An archive is available at:

New Zealand Fuchsia Society
gallery of photos:
The German Fuchsia Society
Deutsche Fuchsien – Gesellschaft
Their links page:

Begonia Links

Laurie Gray Bonsall’s Begonia Web Links
~2022: This website sadly seems to have disappeared!~
Wow! What an amazing collection of links on all kinds of topics related to begonias! This includes other websites, care and cultivation, nurseries, forums and more!
Espace Pour La Vie (Space for Life) Montreal
Greenhouse collection Begoniaceae

American Begonia Society
“The American Begonia Society is a horticultural society devoted to the promotion, cultivation, and study of begonias (plant family Begoniaceae). Begoniaceae is one of the largest flowering plant families with about 1500 different species and hundreds of hybrids.”
Currently there are 39 branches of Begonia Society across the USA! (I also understand that the Canadian Begonia Society was “absorbed” by the ABS some time ago.)

Check out their excellent Resources!
About, Growing, Propagation, Types, Glossary and more!
Growing Begonias:
Lists and Links:

iBegonia: International Database
” A fully searchable database for all types of begonias: species, cultivars, registered hybrids and unidentified species.”

“Down to Earth” a 110 page book on Begonias by Peter Sharp, which is fully downloadable!


National Begonia Society UK
“The Society aims to cater for all Begonia Growers. Formed in 1948 the Society has members throughout the United Kingdom and overseas.”

2022 update: The resources unfortunately now seem to be  exclusively for “members only”.  

East of Scotland Begonia Society
new website:

Health and Pesticide info (UK):

The Association of Australian Begonia Societies
Recommended books:

The Begonia Society of Western Australia (Inc.)
Types of Begonias:

Aukland Begonia Circle

Photos (Check out the specific link buttons, below ‘gallery’ label in the tool bar.)

Flickr: Begonia photos

French association of Amateur Begonia Growers


Kolz Begonia Research Center
This website is truly a labour of love!  Love of Begonias!  It would appear to be an unofficial out-branch of the American Begonia Society. Its purpose is to safeguard all educational materials pertaining to begonias and to continue related research and conferences, particularly in the San Diego area.


Pelargonium/ Geranium Links

My Geraniums (Canada)

A passionate pelargonium grower seeks to rebuild a collection that was sadly decimated in 2017.  

Geraniums, Pelargoniums and Fuchsia Society (Canada)
“Welcome to the wonderful world of Geraniums, Pelargoniums and Fuchsias. Our society was established to be educational, informative, a source of gardening knowledge, and most of all a place to exchange ideas on a friendly basis for both the novice and the ardent collector.”  (established 1985)


Geranium Page (USA)
`This website has been created for the Geranium fancier by one who has grown the species for 71 years and loved every minute.`
This website has lots of good information for growers!

Some tips for photographers!
A beautifully organized collection of photos:
Geraniums Online (USA)
` For accuracy this website should be called “Geraniums Pelargoniums online”, a title which is both unwieldy and difficult to remember!`

A very interesting assortment of links and articles!

Recipes with geraniums!



Pelargonium & Geranium Society (UK)
Established at the start of 2009, The PAG Society was borne out of the amalgamation of The British Pelargonium and Geranium Society and the British and European Geranium Society.
Genus Geraniaceae: Pelargoniums and Geraniums

The International Register and Checklist of Pelargoniums has over 17,000 entries. (Free membership is required.)
The Pelargonium Page (UK)
`There are currently full descriptions of 128 species, slightly less than a half of the genus.`

Scientific literature:
International Geraniaceae Group
Photo gallery:
 Florist Blog: ,Get Your Geranium On!
(Sydney, Au)


i Can Garden website

“ began in 1995 by Master Gardener, Donna Dawson, with a view to providing information to gardeners. Since its origin, ICanGarden has grown to include information on over 500 garden clubs, almost 300 public gardens, over 8000 articles from over 150 garden writers, gardening events from around the world, over 1200 links, over 900 suppliers and thousands of forum and member items.”

Flora Library

This database accesses over 10,000 websites for its information!
“Thousands of plant species are cultivated to beautify gardens, as well as to provide shade and privacy, shelter from wind and to prevent soil erosion. On this site you’ll find a list of 2.500+ garden plants and links to information about them.” –  free website dedicated to providing information about harmful products

As you may know, most pesticides can pose a risk to humans and animals. Our guide gives organic, homemade, and agricultural alternatives to harmful products such as Round-Up.