August Meeting

What an exciting meeting… for the Annual Growing Competition!  Check out the winners for 2022!

Along with the competition was the big “Gift Box” Draw.  Wow!  There were TWELVE prize boxes worth $35 to $50.  A huge thanks goes to Melanie G. for organizing, collecting, arranging, and transporting all these items!  The winners were delighted to take home their goodies!

Plants were on display for the Parlour Show and other plants were for sale by members.  Different Club library books continue to be offered each meeting.

The Bloom contest had quite a few contenders this time.

Melanie G. was (again!) the winner of all three categories!

Winner fuchsia: “Display fuchsia”
Winner begonia: Yellow begonia
Winner geranium/pelargonium: Pink pelargonium




Do you enjoy puzzles?
Here’s a fun (free!) puzzle link to explore.
I made the puzzle from one of our meeting photos! Try it out!

IMG_4662 puzzle on