Benefits of Gardening

Of course YOU know what a wonderful activity “gardening” is,
but if you are needing to convince someone else to get started…
here are 25 incredible benefits of gardening, according to science!

Thanks to Jo at Happy DIY Home for sending along this valuable link!

Sneak Preview:

1. Gardening Boosts Mood
2. Gardening Can Boost Your Immune System
3. Gardening Helps Form Connections
4. Gardening Builds Your Strength
5. Gardening Lowers Stress Levels
6. Gardening Protects Your Memory
7. Gardening Can Help With Addiction Recovery
8. Gardening Can Reduce the Risk of Heart Attacks and Strokes
9. Gardening Improves Hand Dexterity and Strength
10. Gardening Helps with Aerobic Exercises
11. Gardening Can Help You Eat Better
12. Gardening Can Improve Your Self-Esteem
13. Gardening Burns a High Amount of Calories
14. Gardening Can Strengthen Your Bones
15. Gardening Lowers Blood Pressure Levels
16. Gardening Can Relieve Chronic Pain
17. Gardening Helps You Sleep Better
18. Gardening Saves You Money
19. Gardening Exposes You to Good Bacteria
20. Gardening Can Encourage Creativity
21. Gardening Encourages Mindfulness
22. Gardening Improves Mental Clarity
23. Gardening Gives You Family Bonding Time
24. Gardening Teaches Responsibility
25. Gardening Gives You a Sense of Purpose

Enjoy reading about all these incredible benefits… from just GARDENING!