Garden Tour 2018-08 August

Welcome to the Incredible Garden Tour of 2018!

These photos capture only a fraction of the flowers and plants within the gardens we were privileged to view. A GIGANTIC THANK YOU to the members who shared their love of plants, dedication, hard work, and artistry with us! We couldn’t have been more inspired (and also very awestruck!) by your obvious gardening talents.  We also appreciated all the goodies and cold drinks at each stop!

(Slide Show can be enlarged by clicking the arrows at the top right of the main slide.)

First Stop… Otto’s Spectacular Garden!

Second Stop… Elsie and Ray’s Bountiful Garden,
along with Elaine’s support!

Third Stop… Bert’s Unbelievable Garden!

Fourth Stop… David and Beth’s Amazing Garden!

Fifth Stop… Ruth’s Delightful Seton Villa Garden!

Sixth Stop… Sally and Lorne’s Fantastic “Final Garden” of the Day!
(Sorry, Lorne, somehow I missed you in the photos!)

After a “feast for the eyes”, we relaxed at Sally and Lorne’s for a “feast for the tummies” with a table load of pizzas! (Thanks, Lorne, for contributing the “Lion’s Share” of the bill!)   Homemade desserts made by some energetic members capped off the day perfectly!

It was truly an incredible day!

We were all in awe of the magnificent gardens we saw,
but we were also inspired to continue our own learning!
Thanks to all our “Master Growers”!