Growers Delight by Dwight Young

Tonight’s presentation focused on a new organic additive which was developed in 2017 as a family-run business and sourced in Canada. Dwight Young gave us an enthusiastic introduction to his product, stating that the benefits to the soil structure and fertility results in bigger blooms, tastier fruits and vegetables, less pests and diseases, and it even deters chafer beetles in lawns!  Growers Delight is OMRI Certified Organic.  Organic production is known to replenish the soil without the need for synthetic fertilizers and pesticides that are so bad for the environment. A huge time saver is that this product will benefit all different types of plants… no need for a shelf full of different products with varying directions!  You can even use it for cut flower arrangements and for your Christmas tree preservative!

The 4-2-2 NPK organic blend is a coarse-grade granular humic acid. Humates are natural soil conditioners and a vital part of sustainable agriculture.  Growers Delight is also enriched with calcium and has trace elements of copper, molybdenum, nickel, selenium, zinc, and cobalt.  Dwight explained that the low dosage NPK means that you will never “burn your roots”, even with seedlings.  It slowly releases nutrients into the soil, increasing microbial activity as well as water retention.  The root systems will continue to improve with use, as the chemical fertilizers are slowly eliminated from the soil.

Application is easy… just sprinkle the product on your soil and then water.  You can use it on both indoor and outdoor plants!  If you are planting a new garden, or transplanting into a new container, sprinkle some product into the hole, add your plant or bulb, add soil, add a little more product on top, and then lightly water.

The discussion afterwards was lively indeed!  As this is still a fairly new product (although it is in its fifth generation), Club members would like to see more photos of “before and after” controlled blind testing.  (As a note, there are customer testimonials with photos on the website.)  It was also noted that iron and magnesium, important to plant health, do not appear to be in the list of ingredients, so perhaps these would have to be added separately.  As this product is only available online or through garden clubs, Dwight brought along various sized containers and offered each one at a substantial discount!  They disappeared quickly!

Thank you, Dwight, for bringing your organic product to our attention.  We are ALL concerned about
improving our plants without harming the environment!

Read more at the Growers Delight Website:

Dwight Young (Speaker Bio by Melanie G.)

Dwight Young has worked with experts in horticulture and agriculture, to produce his product: certified organic, “Growers Delight Soil Activator”.

This product has shown many benefits including earlier blooming, brighter colors, and more flowers with longer flowering periods.    When applied to vegetables there is a distinct increase in robustness, with far less pests and disease getting in the way of healthy growth.   Fruit trees have been shown to blossom and bear higher quality, tastier fruits, and lawns develop a good root system making dense, green grass.  Dwight will bring items for sale at a reduced rate for our members.


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