Growing Competition 2023

Growing Competition 2023!

Our April Meeting will focus on this year’s three Growing Competition plants! The pre-paid plants and pots will be ready for pickup.  We will learn about their characteristics and get some growing tip as well.

Descriptions by Ron K.

This year’s Competition Fuchsia is Fuchsia Firecracker. Fuchsia Firecracker is a variegated sport from Fuchsia Thalia. It is a triphylla Fuchsia discovered by John Ridding in the U.K. and registered in 2000. The tubes are orange-red and the upper sepal rose orange. The variety has been marketed under the Proven Selections brand. Fuchsia Firecracker requires a bright spot in the garden or windowsill and should be grown on the dry side.

Begonia hybrida I’Conia Peach is a scented variety from plant breeder Dummen Orange. This prize winning Begonia can be grown in shade and part sun. The I’Conia series is not a classical tuberous variety but it does produce a thickened root which can be kept overwinter. This series of Begonia is a prolific bloomer.

Pelargonium x hortorum zonale (Geranium) Mrs. Pollock. Mrs. Pollock is a variegated Pelargonium and has been around since 1858. Mrs. Pollock is a fairly vigorous growing Pelargonium for a variegated variety. It has beautiful tri-colour foliage and red flowers. Regular pinching will help to get a nice bushy plant. Last year I grew my fancy Pelargoniums in full sun on the south side of a planter but a bit of shade will bring out the colours better.

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