Increasing Biodiversity on Farmland

Increasing biodiversity on farmland through field margin enhancement

by Drew Bondar

(Thank you to Dianne V. for taking the notes on this presentation!)

Drew is the program manager of the nonprofit Delta Farmland and Wildlife Trust. The trust’s goal is to preserve farmland and the biodiversity in the Fraser River estuary by means of a close working relationship between farmers, conservationists and the trust.
Through research and cooperation between all groups it was most interesting to learn the value of both natural grass margins and shrub forming hedgerows on farmland. This is where beneficial insects and wildlife thrive. At first it might seem counter-productive to take land out of production but studies have proven that when the population of beneficial insects increases there is a reduction of crop damage and need for spraying. Crop pollination improves as do crop yields.
Re wildlife conservation, quite a discussion ensued regarding winter damage by snow geese to farmers’ fields. Club members were educated on the value of all groups coming together to ensure protection of natural habitat.

Drew Bondar Speaker Bio. (from “Linked In”)
Drew has been program manager at the Delta Farmland and Wildlife trust since 2016.  He has also worked as a Junior Geotechnical/Project Engineer as well as a Field Engineer in Alberta.  His  specialty is Applied Biology: Food and the Environment.