October Meeting

Oh my goodness!
What could be more “Hallowe’en-ish” than some frightening “Finger Treats”?

(Thank you, Mim, for terrifying the Tea Time! Oh dear!)

We were glad that the presentation on Raingardens was a lot less scary, although the data on the amount of water we lose down the drainpipes was actually rather alarming as well!

There was lots to keep the members busy, as usual, with draws and displays.


This month Nora B was the “fortunate gardener”, winning all three of the bloom contests.
Lidy brought Ron’s beautiful streptocarpus, grown from seed, to be the “Display Table” winner.


Do you enjoy puzzles?
Here’s a fun (free!) puzzle link to explore.
I made the puzzle from one of our meeting photos! Try it out!

IMG_6174 puzzle on TheJigsawPuzzles.com