Pot Luck Party Time!

What a wonderful variety of delicious goodies at the October Pot Luck dinner!  It seems we have a great group of chefs as well as gardeners! I think we all had plates filled to the brim!  Kudos to all the members “on Kitchen Duty” as well as “Set-up”.  Everything looked lovely! Thanks to Lynne F., for composing a hilarious “Garden Tour Pass-the-Present” game (although it seemed like every time I had the present, I had to send it all the way “across” the long end of the table!) We certainly had lots of laughs… as well as “lefts” and “rights”.  (You’d have to have been there to get my meaning! LOL!) There were lots of door prizes to be won as well.  Everyone had a great time, and went home with satisfied tummies!

An unexpected treat was a LIVE ENTERTAINMENT show!  Magician, Ray Wong, delighted us with his  “When Magic Went Wong” .  Ray is one funny guy, and he had us in tears of laughter in between the tricks!  The tricks themselves were definitely “magical”, and he had lots of them!   I do think we were all a little worried when the “disappearing $50 bill” trick started.  Whew… a happy ending… but how the heck did that $50 end up INSIDE  a LEMON???  Must be magic!!!


You can check out Ray online: