2023 Plant Competition

There certainly was a lot of excitement at the Annual Plant Competition this year!  Our guest judge, Cindy, complimented us on the number of entries as well as the obvious dedicated attention by the contestants!  She also gave us an excellent account of how she chose the winners… so we had some great tips for our NEXT year’s competition!


The winners this year were:

Firecracker Fuchsia Winners: 1st place- Melanie G, 2nd place- Ruth K, 3rd place- Elsie L, Random draw- Lorne I

Solenia Begonia Winners: 1st place- Lidy K, 2nd place- Ron K, 3rd place-  Elsie L, Random draw- Anna K

Pelargonium Winners: 1st place- Melanie G, 2nd place- Sally I, 3rd place- Olav H, Random draw-  Lidy K

Another special treat of the night was the Gift Bag Draw (thanks to Melanie G!)
It was a great fund-raiser and those bags were absolutely STUFFED full of goodies!



Once again, it was a wonderful night of competitive fun!
Congratulations to ALL the participants!

We hope to see you joining in the FUN competition next year!