August Meeting

August was a highlight of the year with our annual “Plant Competition”.  We took the opportunity to have a little “fun with hats” to add some sparkle to the event!

We also did a little fund-raising with an exciting AUCTION of fancy China, vases, and Fuchsia Lore.  Thanks to Terry for being our Auctioneer and to Lidy for being our “Vanna White”, displaying the items up for auction!



As always, there were lots of items on the “Draw Table” and goodies at “Tea Time”.


The Display Table showed off some lovely plants, and the Bloom Contest had lots of entries.





The winner of the Display Table was a wonderful begonia by Sally I.
Winners of the Bloom Contest were:
Red Spider fuchsia by Nora B., Apricot begonia by Nora B., Patriot Orange pelargonium by Elsie L.



Do you enjoy puzzles?
Here’s a fun (free!) puzzle link to explore.
I made the puzzle from one of our meeting photos! Try it out!

IMG_6054 puzzle on