Edible Ornamentals

Plants that are lovely… and you can eat them too?  “Ornamental Edibles”  was the title of Mike Lascelle’sdelicious presentation”. Who would have thought that such yummy goodies could also be “Show Offs” in your garden! Mike also treated us to a tasty selection of homemade jams/jellies/preserves and even liquid beverages!

Several of the examples Mike reminded us about were “old school favorites”, like crab apples and huckleberries. Others were new… and even sounded a bit frightening, like “Dead Man’s Fingers”! It was hilarious hearing how Mike grew this for his daughter… evidently you can only eat the “gooey part” inside the startling blue seed pods.
This presentation inspired both the adventurous and the timid to think about bringing some new perennials into their gardens. It seems that Mike grows many edibles in pots on his own deck, and that’s the best recommendation of all!

Mike’s new book is an excellent resource, targeted to our Canadian growing conditions. There are details on plant light and water needs, microclimates, pests, and organic gardening as well as information on pruning, container growing, and propagation. Of course this is a book about “edibles”, so naturally there are suggestions for harvesting, food preparation, and even recipes!

You can purchase the book for $24.95 from
Mike also has an online presence which you might enjoy visiting.

Thanks, Mike! We look forward to seeing you again at Amsterdam Nursery!

Nora B.
Blog Editor