Water Wikka

What an inspiring presentation by Lynda Braun! Who hasn’t experienced trying to revive a dried out potted plant or basket? Here is a local Canadian who experienced a gardener’s common frustrating problem of flower baskets drying out too quickly and then worked at a solution until she actually invented and then patented a solution!

“WaterWikka utilizes a patented process that absorbs excess water during the watering of plants and then releases the moisture as the soil dries ensuring that optimal soil moisture is maintained while reducing the time and energy required to water plants. Ideal for hanging baskets, newly planted shrubs, or potted plants, the product is 100% biodegradable, reusable, and long lasting.” (website information)

It was exciting to meet Lynda in person and to hear firsthand how much effort and experimentation she had to go to in testing her product, before it was ready for commercial sale.   You can read all about it on her website!


Nora B.
Blog Editor