July Meeting

July!  Oh my! 

What an exciting meeting with speaker (Hendrik Meekel) bringing in SO MANY specimens of exquisite butterflies, moths, skippers, and other insects! The audience got a real treat for the eyes and learned so much information about butterflies in our gardens. Plant displays, fuchsia lore, lucky draws, and plants for sale were again featured.
Here are a few photos.

The Show Table winner: an African Violet grown by Nora B. (that’s me!) Of course I had a special story to go along with it…  This violet was kindly given to us in an arrangement following the passing of our dear pussycat, Buster.  One day I discovered that I had somehow been completely drowning the whole pot!   I pulled the African violets right out of the pots to air dry, but by now all the leaves had totally flopped and the plant seemed destined to die.  I scoured the internet looking for solutions to save my “sentimental” plant.  One YouTube video told me to NEVER give up on an African violet!  I let it dry, picked away virtually all the leaves, and placed it under a grow light with a little clear plastic cover.  It took several months to revive, but I am so very glad I never gave up!

The Bloom winners were all by Melanie G.! 

Red pelargonium (geranium)                             Yellow begonia                                              Delta’s Song fuchsia



Next month is the special “Growing Competition” and there are lots of contenders!
We still encourage you to bring in other favourites of yours to encourage and inspire others.
We would all love to see them!

Do you enjoy puzzles?
Here’s a fun (free!) puzzle link to explore.
I made the puzzle from one of our meeting photos! Try it out!
IMG_4426 puzzle on TheJigsawPuzzles.com